Friday, February 11, 2011

Zuma Blitz Hints

You probably have been playing Zuma Blitz for the past few weeks if not months.

Well, you have found this blog about the recent Facebook game app, Zuma Blitz. If you don't know, Zuma Blitz is the 2nd most popular game after Bejeweled Blitz. Therefore, many of you may be familiar with Bejeweled Blitz, another color matching game.

But today, we'll talk about Zuma Blitz tips, strategies and guide, not to mention the useful hints.

Hint 1: Don't play the whole day

If you want to score serious scores, make sure you do your best in ONE single game. Why? This is because if you are at your best "gaming state", you'll be able to make a lot of fantastic shots, compared to playing Zuma Blitz when you are tired or lacking focus.

Hint 2: Try to use Chrome instead of FireFox or Internet Explorer

Why? You want to reduce lag as much as possible. Therefore, you can NEVER afford to have even 1 second of lag when you are trying to get high scores in Zuma Blitz.

Hint 3: Never open more than 5 applications in your computer

This is very important. I repeat, this is very important. Zuma Blitz sucks a ton of resource when you play it. Therefore, I strongly encourage you only open Zuma Blitz and one browser tab when you play the game. You cannot afford to have any lag.

How much resource does it consume? Just check your Task Manager and see how much CPU usage and RAM is being used up by this flash-based game (Zuma Blitz) alone! It'll shock you.

For a much more complete and useful hints and actual strategies for getting the maximum score in Zuma Blitz...

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